Beginner Driving Education

This MTO approved course includes 20 hours in class, 10 hours in car, and a 10 hour theory homework booklet.

Classes are taught by professional certified driver instructors who promote safe driving in an enthusiastic manner.

In car lessons are taught one on one and cover all driving maneuvers including a practice road test.

The in class portion of our course is available in St. Marys and Mitchell.

Certificates are no longer necessary upon successful completion of the course. However, a DRIVERS LICENSE HISTORY can be obtained from a Service Ontario Office for insurance purposes, there is a $12.00 fee

G1 Testing

Bud’s Driving School offers support to students who are preparing for the G1 written tests. We are available to answer any questions students and parents may have.

G2 Testing

We welcome students who require any extra help in preparation for their G2 driving examination.

Bud’s Driving School provides students with refresher lessons prior to the test and help students mentally prepare themselves.

We also offer car rentals for G2 License tests to ensure students feel comfortable taking the test in a vehicle they are familiar with.

G License Preparation and Testing

Preparing for your G License can be hard if you have developed any bad habits over the years. Bud’s Driving School offers refresher lessons to reacquaint drivers with proper driving techniques, maneuvers, and ensure familiarity with signs. Driving instructors will also take drivers on a mock route of the test beforehand.

Bud’s Driving School car rentals are available for G License tests as well.

Extra Lessons

Many of our students ask for extra practice sessions or special sessions to prepare for tests, learn standard or just to hone their newly learned driving skills.

These sessions will cater to your needs and requirements.

Senior Driving Retraining and Testing Preparation

Looking to update your driving technique?

Many seniors need refreshing to ensure they continue to feel confident while driving. Bud’s Driving School welcomes these extra lessons and offers 3-4 hour mini courses to seniors to aid them in their driver’s license re-testing. We also offer lessons for seniors involved in minor collisions to ensure their techniques are safe and up to date!

We encourage seniors to seek our help before updating their license or to field any questions/concerns they may have.

Refresher Lessons

Preparing for winter driving? Planning a road trip? Picked up a few bad habits? Having trouble parallel parking?

Bud’s Driving School is available for any extra lessons suited to fit the individual needs of drivers. We offer refresher lessons to anyone preparing for a road test, updating their driving skills, or learning new techniques.

We cater these lessons to meet your requests.

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